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“Sin Agua”- is dance and audio- visual

performance, inspired by Miguel de

Cervantes -The Ingenious Hidalgo Don

Quixote of La Mancha & Sergio Leone’s

westerns movies trough the prism of

paintings Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

Phantasmagoria, created on the crossroad

of those names brings alive mirages of

deserted areas of La Mancha and Texas.

There is not a narrative to be followed but

a surreal storyline instead.

Sin Agua


Derelict service station somewhere in Texas or Arizona, with three forgotten men endlessly waiting for the customers to come. And three women traveling through the dry lands of Spain towards their fate. Drought, thirst, unending travel and endlessness spend days, weird games and bizarre hallucinations perform wicked transformation with both groups. Time and space melting down under merciless sun, brings them together into a magic crossroad with an old windmill.


Director/ choreography
Evgeny Kozlov

Alexander Bondarev
Evgeny Kozlov
Julia Tokareva
Olga Anikeeva
Iliya Romanov
Irina Kozlova

Video design:
Tanya Williams

Stage design/ Costumes

Phil Von
Ry Cooder and Ali Farka