Direction/ Choreography   Evgeny Kozlov
Dance   Alexander Bondarev, Irina Kozlova,
Julia Tokareva, Antje Shur, Evgeny Kozlov
Music   Stephen Deazley, Arvo Pärt,
Kronos Quartet, Kimmo Pohjonen
Video   Tanya Williams
Costume/ stage design   Evgeny Kozlov
Technical director   Tanya Williams


The room with a white painted wall and the distorted frame of a windo
 the hard metal spring bed- captured two patients suffering from insomnia. The transparent gauze curtains reflecting the pictures running through their exhausted heads. Never ending rain and the steady sound of water dropping- gives the room slightly melancholic touch, recall the dreamy images of a past. The place- full of uncanny voices, shadows, uncertain movements and vague reflections over the night, in the daytime becomes a lunatic asylum. With a role reversing revelry the patients swoop with the nurses and the cleaning lady rules the house as a head master.
Inspired by A. Tarkovsky ‘The Mirror’- this piece balancing on the edge of the physical exhaustion and mental expressivity, leads you into the bizarre carnival of somnambular delirium.

Press extracts

They move in and out of the floor soundlessly, and dance with such accomplished poise and presence that every movement, whether squirming on the floor, dangling from the bed frame, throwing oranges at each other or leaping into the air, appears utterly natural and without guile. A more thorough, deeply felt exploration of the theme of insomnia could not be imagined.

Do-Theatre trade-mark use of projected images on to gauze so that live action and film are seamlessly joined comes into its own in crating a dreamy world where sleep seems like drowning, and sleepers are tossed and turned on their boat-like beds.

Choreographer Evgeny Kozlov has captured a ghastly precision in his dancers, with sleep appearing like a lover and the act of being awake symbolizing a state of loneliness and boredom. At its most inventive, Kozlov cleverly alludes to, but never indulges, the fears of the Russian nation, with images of imprisonment and hospitals, and dreams that are all too easily forgotten.

"Do-Theatre shows anxieties and magic of the insomnia, the intolerable lightness of the awakening.With a quite dreamy body control, theater of sounds full uncanny voices out of Russia, leads the spectators into a nightly spirit house, filled with a reflection and distorted perception."
Isabel Raposo The Movie magazin



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